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English Camp 2023

While at the English camp, the children accomplished and enjoyed so many activities! We began with an English lesson and learned a few songs together!


Successful "Social Days

Inspired by Clean-Up Day, a worldwide day of action to clean up the environment, students from Class 10g of our Gymnasium and Class 9b of our Oberschule took a commendable initiative during the last days of school before the summer vacations to rid the Würschnitz River here in Niederwürschnitz of litter and pollution.


Ceremonial report card 2023

On Saturday, July 01, 2023, the graduation ceremony of the class of 2023 took place in our auditorium. It was a wonderful celebration full of pride and joy, which was introduced with the speeches of our principal Mrs. Geuthel and the management of SIS Mrs. Dr. Simchen-Schubert.

The auditorium was festively decorated and radiated a solemn atmosphere.


Language diversity

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