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Free Schools Würschnitztal e.V.

The aim of the association is the support and promotion of all students of the International Secondary School Niederwürschnitz.

Extract from the statutes

§ 2 Purpose

  1. The association pursues the purpose of promoting the school education of children and young people in close and cooperative collaboration between teachers, students, parents and other partners. To achieve this purpose, the association can operate substitute schools within the framework of the law on schools in independent sponsorship (SächsFrTrSchulG) and promote such substitute schools and their students.
  2. The association is denominationally and politically independent.


We are an interest group of parents, teachers, entrepreneurs and committed citizens. Our goal is to create a free and independent school that teaches according to the current curriculum of Saxon secondary schools. This educational institution, designed as a non-smoking school, is to be a community of students, parents and teachers in which individual talents are encouraged and children's weaknesses are reduced. With the region's companies as strong partners, basic knowledge and practical activities will be geared to the needs of the regional economy. This should enable every school leaver to obtain an apprenticeship.

Freie Schulen Würschnitztal e.V. - The future for your child

How you can support us

as a private person

  • Member of the sponsoring association
  • Support for events
  • Monetary donations
  • Donations in kind

as a company

  • Member of the sponsoring association
  • Cooperation partner for the realization of an internship
  • Monetary donations
  • Donations in kind

You would like to support the students of the International Schools Niederwürschnitz in any way? Then simply contact us. Here you can find the Application for admission.


Association free schools Würschnitztal e. V.
Chemnitzer road 19
09399 Niederwürschnitz
Phone: +49 3722 717050
Chairman: Mr. Dr. Ing. Uwe Landmann

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