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All-day offerings

All-day offerings

in the current school year

School radio

The goal of this GTA is to teach technical understanding. The students learn how to use recording technology and how to create podcasts. Regular contributions to school events and school events and broadcasts on various topics. First and foremost is the familiarization with the technology and the learning of skills regarding the extensive and new equipment.

School Club

A place to gather strength and find relaxation. The school club serves the exchange between the students, the acquisition of knowledge and personal development. At the same time, it focuses on recreational educational work with reliable supervision. Numerous educational excursions take place throughout the school year.


Imparting theoretical knowledge about bees, as well as practical work on the living animal and its environment, promotes a sense of responsibility, interest in nature and environmental protection. And at the latest when the first self-harvested honey can be enjoyed, all students are completely excited.

Spanish individual

In this program, so-called "career changers" as well as students interested in languages are students are supported in greater depth. This means that this program supports students in improving their language the language as well as in intensive language acquisition beyond the classroom. The students receive targeted training in methods and working techniques using various social different social forms and, if necessary, an early preparation of individual development individual development or support plans.

German Foxes

This GTA is a support program for students who need assistance in the subject German. In this GTA, the students are given support in the areas of spelling, grammar, reading skills and writing skills. Various methods are applied and a wide variety of materials are used.

Let's Sing & Play

Music can move a lot and has a positive influence on learning behavior. This is also the motto of the the motto of the school choir. With a lot of fun and joy the students will have fun and enjoyment in the joint project "Benefit Concert" with the International Primary School Stollberg or the annual Christmas concert. In addition, students with instruments are encouraged and challenged in this GTA and also the technical area regarding audio technology is covered.

English Coach & Conversation

This GTA it is a good preparation for various competitions such as Big Challenge and Olympiads. The aim of the program is to develop conversation skills in everyday situations and to target the specific foreign language affinity of the students. address. But there is also plenty of individual support. The practical implementation then takes place at the language camp.

First aid

The aim of this GTA is to introduce the students to the school first aid service. the school first aid service. The basics of first aid are learned during this period and all and all participating students can further develop their knowledge and skills in this area. in this area and continue their education.

Fun with numbers

In this GTA, the focus is on math support. Mathematical knowledge, skills and abilities are to be discussed in a problem-related discussed and learned in a playful way. The main focus is on the development and and use of solution ideas and a secure understanding of mathematical content. contents. Also math in everyday life should be explained in a varied way and with various, special creative materials.

Bookworm & bookworms

The school library/media center is intended to awaken the desire to read and to serve the information acquisition. It promotes language and media literacy. In the library the entire school stock of magazines, newspapers, books, audio plays, educational games, videos, cassettes, DVDs, etc. The media library is also integrated into the daily school routine.

Art & Design

This GTA promotes creativity and enables interactive design. In dealing with a wide variety of materials, such as fabrics, paper, paints, yarn, etc., creative everyday objects are to be created and thus there are no limits to the imagination and inventiveness of our students. Excursions (e.g. the art bus) or other joint projects are implemented in conjunction with the art lessons and offer very interested students a better and more in-depth training in this area.

Dance Kids

The dance interpretation of music, the rhythmic movement as well as the mastery of the basics of classical and modern standard dances corresponds on the one hand to a primal human need and is on the other hand an expression of culture and joy of life. Performances at school events convey recognition and self-confidence.

Green Kids

This GTA teaches children to take responsibility for their actions and their interaction with nature and the environment. and the environment. Healthy eating starts with healthy soils. The students students cultivate their own garden and experience for themselves how fruit, vegetables, herbs and flowers grow and flourish, vegetables, herbs and flowers grow and flourish, and realize that all life is interconnected. is interconnected.

Smart Techno Kids

Students are familiarized with the program Scratch. In addition, the focus is on the application and implementation of what they have learned using electronic music as an example. The goal is the creative development of an own music performance. There is the construction of a mini computer and its programming.


Exercise can provide a balance to the more mind-heavy learning, as well as promote stress reduction in students. Furthermore, team games promote teamwork, because only through joint action and fair play can the joy of playing be can be ensured.

Outdoor Activities & Weather Balloon

GTA students turn into little outdoor explorers and meteorologists and have the in the troposphere - perhaps even a little higher in the stratosphere. to collect and analyze measurement data. For this, many preparations have to be made and theory must be taught. In addition, outdoor knowledge is taught actively and in nature.


Playing theater and slipping into various costumes and roles is fun for our children of all ages. children of all ages. It promotes language skills and the children learn how to express express their thoughts and feelings.


Handmade techniques are currently making a comeback. There is no limit to the creativity fashionable accessories and small cuddly toys is no limit. Besides endurance and manual skills are trained.

Lego Mindstorms

Working with Lego materials familiar from childhood and applying their computer skills, the students approach their self-chosen projects with enthusiasm. projects of their own choice with enthusiasm. In addition to the application of knowledge from TC or computer science the students learn to appreciate teamwork intensively. The children are given free to develop and implement their own ideas.

Spanish for beginners

This support service assists students in improving their language. The students receive targeted training in methods and working techniques using different social forms and, if necessary, an early preparation of individual development or development or support plans for this foreign language.

Table tennis

The students exercise outdoor activities, and in bad weather they use the ping pong tables in the gymnasium. in the gymnasium are used. The focus here is on games, fun and physical activity. the foreground. But also the learning of various hitting techniques is taught and developed.


Zumba is a Latin American-inspired dance fitness workout that is made up of Latin American and international music and dance movements - a dynamic a dynamic, enthusiastic and effective fitness system, which in this GTA provides the ideal physical balance to the often monotonous posture of everyday school life.


The participants can approach the Russian language in a playful way. In addition, this offer provides support for the older students of our school who have already chosen the students of our school, who have already chosen the language profile.


Exercise and playing in a team promotes stress reduction and creates a balance to learning at school. Especially in our sedentary times, regular physical activity is a regular physical activity is necessary for our students. GTA soccer is designed to maintain the joy of movement and to support students in teamwork and social skills, among other things.


In the all-day programming program, students are given the opportunity opportunity to learn the basic principles of programming in a playful way. Through practical exercises, they learn about algorithmic relationships. Among other things, they learn basic coding skills autodidactically and at the same time develop necessary cognitive properties to later understand abstract and complex rules and contexts. comprehend.


The learning of Latin as a foreign language is primarily aimed at that students can translate Latin texts into German. Starting with the grammar is also the focus of the program. The knowledge of Latin technical terms is one of the basic skills required in many fields of subjects, but it can also be used to derive a great deal in everyday life.

Chinese Club

The GTA provides insights into the Chinese language and culture through, among other things Writing exercises, first Chinese calligraphic handwriting, etc.. Students learn basics of Chinese words and phrases that are relevant to their daily lives, or build on what they have already learned.


Exercise and playing in a team promotes stress reduction and creates a balance to learning at school. Especially in our sedentary times, regular physical activity is a regular physical activity is necessary for our students. GTA soccer is designed to maintain the joy of movement and to support students in teamwork and social skills, among other things.

Concept & Financing

All-day activities are held regularly at our school.

This measure is co-financed with tax funds on the basis of the budget passed by the Saxon state parliament.

The pedagogical concept as well as other necessary GTA documents for the current school year are published on the school portal Saxony.

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