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Class 9 experience MDR studio tour

Classes 9a and 9b had the opportunity to explore the premises of Media City Leipzig and MDR on site as guests of the MDR Studio Tour Leipzig as part of a school club project, and to take a look behind the TV scenes at Mitteldeutscher Rundfunk.

There was a lot to learn and discover. A beautiful, interesting and worthwhile tour, past the filming locations of the medical series "In aller Freundschaft," the talk show "Riverboat," the many technical areas and news studios. The tour guide explained many interesting technical and organizational details.

For example, the studio tour of "In aller Freundschaft," including the exhibition, was recently completely redesigned and adapted to the new design of Sachsenklinik. The centerpiece of the studio walkway was the 86-inch touchscreen: from here, the tour guides presented the virtual world of Sachsenklinik and also showed us the living rooms of the series stars via 360° environment.

In the MCA 's green screen studio, the tour guides explained how a news program is created and why the color "green" plays a special role here. Afterwards, we had the opportunity to take over the moderation of a program ourselves and try out being news anchors or weather presenters and have photo montages made.

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