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Excursion German Armed Forces

LOOK IN! - Week of Open Companies is and remains Saxony's largest career guidance initiative. In no other week of the year are so many students on their feet at the same time to get to know companies from the inside and in detail.

The German Armed Forces also offer numerous event dates each year for this purpose and provide a practical insight at various locations. Classes 9a and b of the ION took advantage of one of these events on 14.03.2023 as an excursion for career orientation. A bus specially provided by the Bundeswehr took them to the Wettin barracks at the Frankenberg site.  

From 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m., participants had the opportunity to get to know the Bundeswehr as an exciting employer with numerous career opportunities. The event scored with a very good organization and great content structure. The program was very varied and informative.

The Bundeswehr presented itself here in a very diverse way. It is one of Germany's largest employers, with around 184,000 soldiers and 80,000 civilian employees. The Bundeswehr needs particularly qualified soldiers and civilian employees for the range of its tasks. Each year, the armed forces provide more than 12,000 jobs for young men and women who want to enter a career as officers, sergeants, specialist non-commissioned officers or enlisted personnel on a temporary basis. In addition, approximately 10,000 voluntary conscripts may perform their service in the armed forces.

However, military careers are not the only way to make a career in the Bundeswehr. More than 81,000 of the approximately 264,000 members of the Bundeswehr have opted for a civilian career with the Bundeswehr. Whether as engineers, nurses, clerks or firefighters, they watch the backs of those in uniform both at home and abroad.

The students also had the opportunity to talk to servicemen and women and learn even more about individual areas and professions. The students were familiarized with a tour of a field camp, the work of a medical station and the inner workings of several large technical devices. A highlight of the day was the supply from the field kitchen. 

The students ended the day with a wealth of positive impressions.


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