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What an exciting day about Africa!

Monday, last week of school – the school building is decorated differently in eight rooms, classes 5 and 6 are having a project day about kids in Africa. There are stations about living conditions, food & culture of African children:

Our students find out about a typical school day in Uganda, they make their own chocolate and hear about Fair Trade products in this context, some kids even try insects! Others listen to stories about ghosts, the „Ujama“ or „Senufo“; they draw, play with African toys and hit the bongos. A bit tricky is carrying a basket of fruit on their head and, at the same time, a baby on the back – something a rural African woman does every day.

Everybody has lots of fun and learns very emotionally as well as practically how life of African kids is. So we can hear much applause in the end and our students and teachers are keen on having another project like this in the future.

Thanks a lot to the team of „dialogus“ who did a great job for us!

Grit Vogel – stellvert. Schulleiterin


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