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Englisch Camp

In the afternoon we went to the big trampoline park “Jump’n Play“. Although we walked there, I was not tired. We jumped and jumped and jumped the whole time. I had lots of fun with my classmates. It was great, even our teacher jumped with us. Later we came back to the hostel and had dinner. The food was delicious! But the most delicious were the pickles. Yummy!

After dinner we started our preparations for the evening show on Thursday. The boys prepared a quiz and the girls a fashion show. In the evening Señor Martinez joined us at the camp. He was really funny!

The girls in Pia’s room celebrated her birthday with snacks and music. At 10 p.m. we went to bed.

Thursday Oct. 14th

We all woke up and put on our clothes. We had breakfast at 7.30 and then walked 35 minutes to the smac. There we learned a lot about history, especially the Middle Ages. We did a museum tour with a guide and learned how to use the old writing with a feather and ink.

We had our lunch at the hostel – pasta with tomato sauce. After that we wanted to go to the Botanical Garden but we decided to stay at the hostel. The weather was still bad and some students’ clothes were still wet from the rain. So we had some free time for games and relaxing.

After dinner we had our evening show. The show was great! The girls looked really pretty in their fancy dresses and costumes and the boys were super clever.

Friday Oct. 15th

On our last day we had late breakfast. Then we packed our things and cleaned our rooms. At 9:30 we were picked up by Pauline’s mum with the bus. The autumn holiday was waiting for us!


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